Services & Equipment

Pressure Pro specializes in chemical hauling, pressure pumping, and remote access solutions. We offer services such as Tank Trucks, Pressure Trucks, High volume pumpers, Remote access pumping units and Picker Trucks for barrel delivery.

Pressure Trucks


Pressure Trucks up to 5,000 PSI

Sizes of 3m3, 4m3, and 6m3 with High Volume of (200L/min) available.

Size 10m3 with High Volume of (500L/min) Available

Tank Trucks


14m3 and 18m3 Size Available

Optional: pup 17m3 capacity

Combo Vacs


2 Tonne Mini Combo Vac Trucks

1m3 wash water capacity

3m3 waste capacity

Remote Access


Remote Access Units up to 2,000 PSI 0.5m3

6×6 UTV with 500 Litre Capacity 

Track Unit with 1m3 Capacity

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